I’m a film photographer, storyteller, and flower-loving Francophile telling stories in California & Paris, France. Find me wandering with my film cameras (named Ansel, Cecil, and Norman), looking for the next adventure! That, or at the nearest florist. I believe that love is "revealing the beauty of another person to herself," and I can’t wait to meet you! 

Bonjour, I’m Marissa.

Telling fun, bright, colorful stories for the thoughtful, intentional joy-seeker. all on film.

Paris; midnight strolls; sunflowers (really, any flowers); sunrises; book shops; ice cream; floppy hats; skirts with pockets; kate spade; Pride & Prejudice (I've read it nine times); and color theory. 

things i love:

I am a portrait & lifestyle film photographer and writer, telling thoughtful stories for intentional joy-seekers. My passion is the female portrait, but I love photographing children, love stories, and fellow creatives. Whether you’re defining your personal brand or wanting to capturing some sweet memories...I think we’d be a great match if you love to laugh; chase the sunrise; are down for spontaneous adventures; like to play dress-up; and love bright, colorful, fun photographs on film.  

I’m a film photographer and full-time flâneuse who eats too much ice cream and buys too many flowers. Never without a camera nor a fountain pen, I believe life is an adventure — and that our stories are worth knowing.

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Everyone’s got one, and everyone’s is unfinished. What you put in the pages is up to you. My philosophy isn’t about taking photographs. It’s about making them. You know the pictures you look back on to remember? The ones that make you smile, ear-to-ear. Photographs are memories and feelings of fleeting moments. They deserve to be documented, and that’s what we’ll do, together!

Share your story.

the experience

It’s you, me (behind the camera!), and la Ville Lumière! From strolls through the Jardin de Tuileries; to walks on the Seine; hot chocolates and pastries on a charming terrace; and the splendor of la Tour Eiffel, I’ll help you tell your story in the Paris you’ve been dreaming about.

Paris is your stage.

the experience

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Portrait collections begin at 469€.
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My photography style is joyful, thoughtful, colorful, and fun — with a pop of color. I love natural light, a good laugh, film, and stories — your story. I love photographs that capture the confidence and beauty of my clients who seek joy and want to share it. 
My favorite backdrops for photos include SF's Victorian and colorful neighborhoods; the country scenes of Point Reyes; and the golden beaches on the coats. But the best place for any photographs is the place that matters to you.

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I have to say, pictures with Marissa in Paris was an especially good experience because, not only did we have beautiful pictures taken, we also got an amazing little tour of Paris. Marissa, you truly were wonderful! If anyone is hesitant about hiring Marissa, just do it! It will be a highlight of your time in Paris <3 

“It will be a highlight of your time in Paris.”

Rachael & Eric

kind words

We were very impressed with your organisation from the start of the process all the way through. You kept in touch with us the whole time about the details and that was very appreciated. I also really appreciated the direction and thoughtfulness you showed during our shoot! The photos were so much better than I ever anticipated, especially because the day was kind of gloomy. I was amazed that you couldn't even tell it was a cloudy day. The photos were exactly the style I was hoping for and I am so thrilled with your editing and shooting style. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our honeymoon photos.

“We couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our honeymoon photos.”

Marisa & Jonathan

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We are so glad we decided to have you capture part of our time in Paris! You made the whole process so easy, and we felt comfortable and relaxed during our session. It was so fun to get to know you, and your warm personality put us at ease. We greatly enjoyed our session! We will treasure these photographs of our time in Paris forever! Thank you so much not only for great pictures but a great experience! 

“You made the whole process so easy and we felt comfortable and relaxed. ”

Taylor & Jake

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Portraits and stories from Paris & California.

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Paris strolls; looking for the best croissant; plenty of flowers; stories; and other adventures. I hope you'll come along and see my Paris!